Xero software continues to impress

Xero logo

Here at Morgan Cameron we are enthusiastic supporters of Xero accounting software and currently have around 35 different business clients using it. They range from individuals working on their own to organisations with turnovers over £1million and 20+ employees.

Unlike many accountants, we’ve never been fond of Sage or QuickBooks which are largely designed to be used by trained bookkeepers. Theytherefore frustrate small business owners who are keeping their own records with over complex systems.

For those with larger businesses, where others keep the accounting records, they also conspire to keep knowledge and power in the hands of the bookkeeper who may only turn up once a week.

Our experience is that Xero is very intuative and because its accessible anywhere 24/7 it gives control back to the business owners. Furthermore with an online bank feed it reduces data entry to a minimum which we have found has meant more business owners can keep their records up to date throughout the year. Our experience shows business owners save their own valuable time and feel more knowledgeable about their current financial figures when they swtich to Xero

We can also access the records through Xero directly which enables us to help with any queries or to give more accurate advice on tax planning and dividends. All our business team are trained to use it and Laura and Catherine regularly provide training to get people up and running successfully.

And its affordable.

If you run a business and want to move to 21st century accounting why not give us a call.