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Why we recommend Xero accounting software…


We are enthusiastic promotors of Xero accounting software for small businesses. It has lots of advantages over the traditional Sage v Quickbooks model:

  1. You can access it everywhere via the internet, even from a Mac
  2. It is simple to learn
  3. It saves our clients loads of time
  4. It lets us interact with their figures easily
  5. There’s no big up front cash cost
  6. It’s popular with clients who are already using it

Don’t take my word for it – This is what one client says:

Like innumerable businesses we had used Sage for many years and frankly I had pretty much hated it from day one but there weren’t many options. My view was that Sage was designed for bookkeepers and accountants and not for the end user – the business that was actually providing the data (that’ll be us). So it was always out of date, and the reporting and budgeting so called features were impenetrable and essentially unusable. We even had to organise our monthly meetings around when we could assume we were going to get the most up to date (by which I mean six weeks out of date) financial information. It was, basically, useless for any business that moves at any speed.

 Xero on the other hand actually works. It’s clearly been designed by normal humans, not accountants. It immediately became apparent that we could ‘save’ a process and have decided to manage more of our data ourselves – which has not only saved money (lovely) but actually means that the data in the system is up to date by the day, not by the month (if you are lucky) as it was with Sage. Not only that but you can actually use the budgeting system within Xero without an accountancy degree. And frankly who in their right mind would want one of those?

 Overall Xero has meant that we have a far greater, immediate, view of our numbers, which we can view and manage at any time from anywhere – and when we don’t understand we just ask Morgan Cameron to help us out, as they are actually quite clever and are able to fix it quickly (when we break it).

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