Why it’s a good idea to hire bright staff

Laura Kyte

Many congratulations to Laura Kyte our senior manager who this month passed her exams to become a member of The Society of Tax and Estate Practitioners (STEP to its friends). This is a hard qualification to get and I’m the first to admit I ducked out of the initial proposal that we both sit it together!

Do I mind not being the most qualified person on the team? Not at all. I know lots about a great deal (the known knowns) and I know there are other areas of knowledge I don’t advise on (the known unknowns) but it is the unknown unknowns which can really trip you up.

We aim to recruit top quality staff with excellent skills which means I can concentrate on the bits I know and be confident others are doing the same for our clients in other areas.

Laura’s hard work now give us an even greater depth into knowledge in Trusts and Estate Planning which I’m sure will be put to good use in the coming months.