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Which type of clients are hardest to get tax information from?

We have just passed 31 January once more – and this year January was more frenetic with last minute personal tax returns than I can ever remember ( thanks to our amazing tax team who worked 6 days a week to get everything done!)

So who are the worst culprits:

1. CEO’s –  all running large growing successful companies. I think the mindset of these people is visionary, big picture and forward-looking none of which makes finding detailed paperwork about stuff which happened months ago a priority in their eyes.

2. Academics – so knowledgable about their chosen field but somehow that passionate focus on their specialist subject often makes them useless with mundane paperwork

3. Barristers and lawyers – always last minute – maybe we should just accept the inevitable and expect to do their returns every year in the last days of January?

By and large the self-employed, the retired, the diplomats and even the creatives are much more likely to get us their information sooner.

We love working with all of our clients (well nearly all – there are one or two exceptions!) so I reckon we’ve learned to live with their time schedules even when it makes us burn the midnight oil

Perhaps the Revenue should set different filing deadlines for different groups?

What do you think?