Whew – we passed muster!

Those of you who notice these things might have observed a distinct lack of blogs in the last six weeks. For this I can only apologise and assure you that normal frequency will hopefully be resumed.

Since mid April apart from watering the garden, celebrating a long hot Easter weekend with friends and family in the garden and then another long hot Royal Wedding weekend in the garden with more friends and more family we’ve been busy recruiting new staff to fill gaps in our team.

In addition we’ve just had our official visit from the Institute of Chartered Accountants who check that everything we are doing is shipshape and in apple pie order. That involved quite a lot of preparation and tidying up. And writing down a few things we had in our heads but never bothered to commit to paper!

Well, we did OK. They don’t give out gold stars or ratings apparently but our concluding report was short (apparently the shorter the better) and the Reviewer said some nice things about the quality of our files.

So now we can get back to normal and do some real work