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Trusts – essential tools for helping you manage your wealth

Trusts are extremely useful instruments for managing money or assets where you need to restrict or delay people’s rights to income or capital. Indeed you could say that they are essential tools for helping you manage your wealth. Sadly, recent tax changes have made them a lot less efficient for tax planning purposes but they still have some tax benefits. They can be useful for:

  • Holding shares in private companies
  • Providing funds for your children’s education, maintenance, etc
  • Restricting access to property by future beneficiaries
  • Providing for people who are mentally or otherwise incapacitated
  • Gifting to charity

There are various types of trust with differing tax implications and they can be adapted to many different purposes. To take full advantage of trusts in your tax and estate planning you need to receive expert help and advice.

We can help you determine which types of trust are suited to your purposes, recommend experienced solicitors who will write the deeds, and advise on appropriate trustees.

We also deal with all aspects of income tax for those who have died including tax returns to the date of death and Estate tax returns.

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