Probate and Inheritance Tax

You may have thought that only solicitors deal with all the paperwork when someone dies and until October 2014 you were right. Solicitors had a monopoly over this work. However since then the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has been approved by parliament to license firms to deal with probate and Morgan Cameron were one of the first accountancy firms in the UK to be approved. Now that we’re part of the Baldwins Group, our probate services are provided through our sister company, Allchurch Bailey.

So, why use an accountant for this work?

As accountants we are already very well qualified to deal with IHT tax calculations and completing and filing tax forms for HMRC and as you can imagine preparing accounts is our core business. We have also invested in extra training to ensure we can deal with all the legal aspects and the best modern technology to deal with paperwork efficiently. We are used to delivering quality services to agreed deadline for a clearly agreed fee.

Probate Services

We are licensed by ICAEW to deal with all aspects of an estate when someone dies from first advice on who to contact, to collecting all the information, completing all the forms, obtaining probate and distributing the estate.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

We calculate the correct amount of IHT due when someone dies and complete and file all the relevant IHT forms with HMRC.

Estate Accounts

We prepare detailed estate accounts for every case so you know exactly what has been collected and distributed.

Advice to Beneficiaries

We advise beneficiaries of ways they may be able to save tax by efficient tax planning following probate.

Dealing with Businesses

If the person who died ran a business, we have much more experience of running and selling. businesses than many solicitors. We can also value business assets and unquoted shares at death and agree these valuations with HMRC where appropriate.

Executor Services

Many individuals ask family members or friends to be their executors but we can also act as executors for clients, for example if there is no suitable family member or to help deal with complex business interests.

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