Tax specialists for UK Government workers going abroad

If you work for the Foreign Office, The British Council, DIFD or a range of other UK Government departments or organizations and are posted abroad it can be really difficult sorting out your tax and finances.

Whereas ordinary expatriates are given specialist tax advice by their employers, British diplomats and other UK Government staff who go abroad are given no formal advice for their own tax or help for their partners and spouses who accompany them.

There are special tax rules relating specifically to some Government employees but UK experts who deal regularly with people like you for cost-effective fees are very rare.

We have been specialists on tax for UK Government workers going abroad for over 20 years and have looked after hundreds of diplomats including everyone from those on first-time postings up to Ambassadors. We also advise those taking up posts with International Organisations such as the EU or UN.

We can provide a comprehensive tax return service or tax advice or both.

For more information about any aspect of our services, please telephone or complete the contact form here