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What our clients think…


Recently we entered into an Award for Accounting Excellence. We didn’t win – that has still to be decided between the finalists  – but what we did get was a huge amount of positive feedback.

86 of our clients voted for us – which represents around 20% of all our clients (counting spouses together). A big thank you to everyone who voted.

Overall we scored 3.78 out of 4 – which is 94.5% so a great result.

The amazing part is that 56 people also bothered to add their comments and some of those have been truly humbling – they are all anonymous so we can’t thank individuals personally but it is great to know that the service we deliver is being appreciated.

Here are just a few of the comments which were left:

Personal attention is so important and it is what MC have given over the years. Never once felt that the fees weren’t worth the service. Oh, and they are really nice people too, from reception to the boardroom. I’ve recommended them to others and will do so again. Delighted with a chance to vote for them.

They are so easy to deal with. Always helpful, good at reminding and encouraging about things which need to be done, without being hectoring. Totally approachable for people with limited knowledge of financial and tax affairs and very good at explaining. I have never felt brushed off and the office seems to be a happy place where staff communicate well with each other so that when the client gets in touch there is someone who is up to speed and can help. I have indeed recommended Morgan Cameron.

Morgan Cameron are an absolute joy to work with, they interested in me and what I do despite the fact I must be one of their smaller clients. They are a perfect combination of the personal and professional with a great sense of integrity and family values.

The service I have received has been exemplary. They have earned their fees many times over. They are approachable, human and continue to show care for myself and my family. They are a lovely company to deal with and are a marvellous example of what is actually possible – I was going to say with a little effort, but actually it is probably a lot of effort.

So thank you so much to all our lovely clients – we enjoy working with you too and will strive to deliver an even better service.