Welcome to our global visitors!

GlobeWebsite statistics are always fascinating to me.  April’s stats show that 12% of those visiting our website were from outside the UK – from 37 different countries including those listed above – so welcome if you are one of them.

We’ve been looking after the UK tax affairs of indviduals across the world for a number of years and the great thing about the internet is the ease with which it is possible to quickly and effectively give advice on UK tax matters to those abroad and to prepare their UK tax returns. ( Just don’t get me started on UK money laundering rules which are the most complex and useless part of the process)

Gone are the days when it took weeks to get back tax returns sent for signing. I think the record was to Mongolia which took 11 weeks – it may have been the Mongolian Yaks (or possibly just our own beloved Royal Mail in the UK!)

It is certainly a small world.