The Tax Collector is getting desperate..


A couple of things have come up today.

1. Lynette, my tax manager reported that the Revenue rang up on Saturday chasing unpaid tax by a client. The tax was due on 31 July so it was only a week late.  And only about £10,000. And they rang on a Saturday!

2. Accounting web reported that HMRC have agreed to outsource some debt collection to private debt collectors after a successful trial.

Hmm. Sounds like it is going to be a tough year for those who owe money to HMRC.

That’s fine for those who owe the money and could pay.

My biggest concern is that quite often the amount being demanded is not correct but persuading the Revenue to communicate the right figures between the departments was bad enough. How are we possibly going to deal with rottweiler debt collectors and convince them the amount is incorrect?

And what about those who simply cannot pay?