Tax doesn’t have to be taxing


I wish the Revenue would stop pretending that tax is not complicated. OK, if you only have a P60 and a few dividends it can be fairly objective, but our tax system has become so complex that many people even on modest incomes cannot complete a tax return without expert advice.

In practice many people do their own of course and some will get it wrong without knowing it.

Is this careless error? I just had a disagreement with an HMRC enquiry inspector with a frankly prissy attitude to what your average member of the public ought to keep for domestic finanicial records and why words and phrases can mean one thing to us professionals but quite another thing to the 95%+ of taxpayers who haven’t a clue.

Can we solve this huge dilemma?

Only by making the tax system much simpler. The Revenue are lost in a bottomless pit and could never climb out of their own accord – with or without the proposed staffing cuts.