Do you think tax advice is expensive?

If you think it is expensive

When you ask my advice you are getting 30+ years of experience in tax, business and finance updated every week and fine tuned by applying it to my own and my client’s lives and businesses.

What’s it like to be an employee, a sole trader, a partner, a member in an LLP, to run a small company? I know because I’ve been in all of them personally.

Ever had to go through redundancy, difficult times in business? Yes, we’ve been there. Our business started in a recession.

Dealing with tax and financial issues affecting your family? older parents, difficult children, planning for future generations. Yes, my advice looks at the whole picture not just the tax problem.

When you ask my advice the answer I give has to work for income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, VAT, stamp duty and corporation tax for each person and organisation involved. It has to comply with Company Law and accounting rules. It has to consider the effects for people claiming benefits or local authority contribution to future care home fees.

I don’t give artificial tax avoidance advice but the government have chosen to write the most complex tax laws in the world so there are often alternative legal ways of getting from A to B. I try to find the best route.

For every successful solution or cunning plan to help clients there is probably a waste paper basket full of screwed up paper with ideas which didn’t work for one reason or another.

Everyone’s problems and circumstances are unique. It is almost impossible to give the same advice twice.

That’s what I love about my job.

Just don’t think it is easy…