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Spotting new business opportunities

There is no doubt that running your own business is a challenging business in the 21st century. Technology has permeated ever corner of our lives. For some businesses this may mean that they are threatened by their product or service being overtaken by better products or services by their competitors. Looks at how Nokia were wrong footed in the mobile phone market. Or how small the printed Yellow Pages directory has become.

But for others there is the chance of spotting new opportunities, for example on-line services or the creation of Apps. The speed of growth of some new businesses are astonishing look at Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and smart phones.

We have clients designing software and creating products to fill emerging opportunities. And others that are re-engineering their existing services to maximise the technology which can help them deliver those services even better.

My niece has launched a website reviewing ipad book apps for small children  http://capptivatedkids.wordpress.com/. (Fascinating to look at by the way even if, like me, you don’t have small children)That’s a whole new market which didn’t exist five years ago.

What is still unchanging is that to run a successful business you need not only a great idea but sound management skills, an ability to market your product and good financial planning.

If you have a great idea, we can help turn it into a reality. Call us today.