Remote working

Perthshire Hills

The Perthshire landscape can be breathtakingly beautiful. My father has lived in a special spot on a hillside overlooking the Tay for many years. However it is a long way from family so when it came to recuperation after his hip operation all the family are turning up to help out. I’m taking a turn to look after him this week whilst trying to work as well. How difficult can that be? After all, we live in the 21st century – surely technology is up to this – I have clients working remotely in Africa, the middle East and USA.

The good news is that the internet is working well after we got it installed earlier this year. A tad slow maybe but no slower than my village in Oxfordshire.

Mobile signal – not a lot on O2 unless you want to hang out an upstairs window whilst calling.

Post – you can post a letter but it is over 4 miles to the nearest post box…

Electric plugs – this was not something I’d thought of but older houses have remarkably few sockets to plug in a screen, laptop, and printer.

Landline – there is one but I have no idea who thought a good place to install it was the cupboard under the stairs (!)

Verdict: It is possible but on a temporary basis also quite frustrating. And although there are few places where you can see red squirrels and deer from the window whilst you work I have missed the others in the office – although I yearn for peace and quiet I don’t really enjoy it when it is there in abundance.

If you have experience of working remotely I’d be interested to see what you think?