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Not had a reminder from HMRC?


We’ve noticed a distinct absence of self assessment statements sent to clients who are due to pay tax on 31 July. Normally HMRC send a reminder and payslip and many people rely on this to prompt them to pay.

Now HMRC have finally admitted they still haven’t posted out statements to around 500,000 taxpayers. According to their website they forecast that they would need far fewer statements and didn’t order enough from the printers.

This puzzles me greatly. This is the second instament for 2010/11. So on 31 January 2011 everyone (bar a few late stragglers) had filed their tax returns showing if they had to pay payments on account for 2010/11. Does the system not spit put these details? Apparently not.

The HMRC are still relying on tea leaves and berries on hedgerows for forecasting.

A bit of a shambles really.

Except they have admitted they won’t charge interest if you pay late so long as you pay within 30 days of receiving the statement – not quite sure how their computer will know that so if you pay late don’t acceot an automatic interest charge.

Margaret Thornton