NEW ZEALAND – NOT just sheep and rugby

This week I met Hamish Edwards, co-founder of the fast growingXero accounting software organisation

Xero Certified Advisor

This is an impressive web-based  accounting software which is simple enough for  ordinary mortals to use. Available 24/7 anywhere on any kit that has an internet connection. ( Yup even works on Macs and ipads! – at last trendy people can access accounting software too)

But the biggest plus is that within a couple of months you’ll be able to automatically download all your on-line bank and credit card details straight into your software. Daily.  Gone will be the days of typing up spreadsheets.

Also, if you’re a small business with no on-site IT specialists, there’s no need to worry about back ups, updates or changing legislation – eg new VAT rates. That’s all taken care of automatically. All for a small monthly fee.

Oh, and Hamish is very impressive too – a Chartered Accountant who got involved originally to help his own clients never dreaming it would go global .

Watch your backs Sage and Quickbooks. This will be big.


PS If you are free next Wednesday and want to come to a seminar to find out more register on our home page.