New term: new chance to focus strategy


Although my family has now grown up, early September always brings with it memories of getting ready for the new school year. Buying shoes, sharpening pencils and transitioning from a relaxed summer  into the complex timetable of dates and activities which the start of school term brought.

In business I think it is also a good moment in the year to refocus our strategy. Where are we going? What have we achieved to date? What changes do we need to make to achieve the next step this Autumn?

This is because I’ve learned if we don’t actively plan and force strategic change it will rarely happen. Most businesses have a limited capacity for change and many will easily absorb all your time and effort just maintaining the daily grind.

To make your business stand out from the crowd you need to take time to stand back, look up and view the horizon.  How will you achieve success? How will you be different from your competitors? If you have a great product or service are you getting the message out to potential customers?

Plan your goals but to avoid them becoming pipe dreams turn those plans into achievable action plans. It doesn’t matter that it may take a while to get there; at least you are heading in the right direction. When a child starts school at 5 there are many years of learning ahead but there is (hopefully!) a good strucure and plan to teach them.

For some business owners there is a need to step up a gear – a bit like the change from summer holiday mode to school. A new challenge. A fresh opportunity.

What will your business – and Morgan Cameron – have achieved by Christmas?

I’m off to sharpen my pencils.