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Is HM Revenue and Customs managed well?

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In the plethora of polls on the election you may have missed the report of the latest survey by HM Revenue and Customs of is staff. 53279 of its staff completed the survey – an impressive 64% of the total workforce.

But the results were less than impressive.

Only 13% agree that “as a whole HMRC is managed well”. That means ( doing the maths) that 46,352 didn’t agree.

I’m not surprised. The whole system has been so badly managed and organised that it is not only “not fit for purpose” it’s barely fit for anything.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of people working at HMRC doing their best. Occasionally you see shining examples of commonsense and excellence.

But depressingly these are grossly outnumbered by examples of breathtaking incompetence and by endless inaccuracies by patently untrained staff.

No doubt whoever gets in at the election will cut funding for HMRC. It will hardly be treated as a front line service.

However, before they do, I hope they realise that when people no longer trust tax authorities to be fair and to calculate tax accurately they respond by fiddling their taxes to pay whatever they think is fair. We will lose the model of honesty and integrity which has been much admired throughout the world.

I miss the old efficient Revenue servce where Inspectors were in charge and teams of people took responsibility for giving a good accurate service to specific groups of taxpayers.

If we must have change please listen to the HMRC staff.  They deserve to be managed better and trained better.

For all our sakes