I’m an accountant, get me out of here!

A month ago, in a moment of Summer madness we agreed to enter a competition for accountancy firms. We’ve never done this before but knowing what our clients think of us and possibly getting an award seemed like a good idea at the time.

So here we are competing in the AccountingWEB UK Practice Excellence Awards. Not exactly X factor or “I’m an accountant get me out of here” but that’s as exciting as accountancy competitions get.

The first stage of the Awards is for our clients to complete a very short survey rating both our performance and your satisfaction. The more clients who respond the better our chances.

We may not get past the first round, but the anonymous feedback benchmarked against the other 70 firms who also decided to take part will be a useful exercise.

One issue was who to email the questionaire to. Do you tell all clients, even those who you suspect might not be as flattering? We did. If you don’t offer everyone a chance to have their say how will our results be truly reflective? Integrity is one of our core values.

Another was, in this busy day and age, would clients bother to vote for us even if they were happy? Well, up to 11 August over 5% of all the votes cast for all 70 firms were apparently by our clients. I’m truly humbled by this response. Thank you everyone.

So – voting closes 26th August and by 5th September we’ll know if we are through to the next round (judged by a panel of experts…)

Yours (now slightly excited)


PS if you are a client and haven’t voted and haven’t had an email to do so please contact Tracey (tracey.bosher@morgancameron.com) and she’ll send you the link.