How small is a really small business?

There are apparently 4.8 million businesses in the UK of which 4.6 million have less than 10 employees. That puts Morgan Cameron in the top 4% of UK businesses by size. Gulp. We certainly don’t feel that big and I guess a lot of businesses with under 20 employees feel the same.
But if 96% of UK businesses have less than 10 employees why does the Government spent so much time and effort on laws only appropriate for the other 4%?

Think about redundancy laws – how can you create a pool with 2 or 3 people. You know who needs to go, just do it.

Think about maternity leave – how can you keep one person’s job open for up to 12 months when you only have 3 staff, you need continuity.

Think about disciplinary and grievance procedures where there is only one boss, who do the staff go to?

Think about trying to provide tax-free sports facilities with only 3 employees, the rules only work with lots of employees

Some of the legislation is worthy but it only works well with much larger employers with 50+ employees (did you realise that less than 1% of all UK businesses employ more than 50 staff?)

And when was the last time you heard a politician who understood that 99.9% of British businesses are SME’s so saying they are supporting SME’s is not the same thing as helping micro businesses.

I want to give a big cheer for micro businesses. They are the backbone of our country. We have some great clients working hard in innovative ways to earn a living. Lets hope the Government let’s them flourish!