How sharp are your pencils?


In any business it’s very easy after the first few years to settle down into a maintenance attitude. What started with high hopes becomes a daily grind to get new orders in and work out the door. It also takes surprisingly little time to adopt rigid habits and mindsets.

As the children in the UK head back to school for a new term this week you can almost hear the collective sharpening of pencils, smell the smart new school uniforms and watch the furrowed brows of teachers as they try to memorise another 30 names overnight.

There is an eagerness to learn new things, to acquire new skills, to be more talented in a year’s time ( at least in most 5 year olds, maybe not the teenagers…!)

Maybe in business we too should approach the change of seasons as an opportunity to take stock in our businesses. Take an hour out and write a business plan, think about where we want to be next year, in five years, write down 10 new ideas for improving profitability.

We’ve done that recently in Morgan Cameron. I always find it both challenging and exciting. If you want to do some strategic thinking and need help or guidance get in touch.

We’ll be proud to share your journey