How many people are you supporting?


I came across some rather alarming statistics today.

There are about 59 million people in the UK

But about 12million are under 16 so not working

That leaves 47 million adults to fund the country

But 12 million are state pensioners being supported by the country

That leaves 35 million of working age to fund everything

But 6 million are on benefit being supported by the state

That leaves 29 million working people to fund everything

But 7 million of those work in the public sector, or the extended public sector  (eg GP’s, dustmen, university lecturers)

That leaves only 22 million of us who are working in real businesses who are earning money who have to pay for the rest.

And each of us has to pay enough on average to fund 1.2 other people who are employed by the state or on benefits or on state pensions.

I know it is not that simple but it is still pretty scary!


PS I’ve rounded the figures but if you need exact figures check out