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Have you seen our new FREE App?

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We now have our very own free App! All in one week – not only a brand new updated website but also an App – that’s pretty special for us. But already I can hear people saying “What does it do?”

Our App has our contact details, details about our services and our team. You can use it to send us a message. But it is much more than that.

The App has powerful calculators so if you know your gross pay you can calculate your net pay. It will calculate company car benefit, Stamp Duty, or how long it will take to pay off a loan.If you have a business you can put your sales, direct costs and overheads in and work out the effect on your net profit of changing these – eg a 5% increase in sales or a 5% decrease in overheads – which will give you more profit?

Finally, its got all the tax rates and allowances and a list of key dates for tax so you can check them out and not miss anything.Its available to download from the Android and Apple stores and can be used by clients or anyone else.

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Follow this link to download it now

Have Fun and enjoy it – with our compliments