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Going Hosted – another IT milestone


In the week that the ZX Spectrum celebrated its 30th birthday, Morgan Cameron’s IT systems have taken another lurch forward and we have transferred our data to the cloud (using a hosted network is, I believe, the technical term!).

We had been thinking about it for a while (when I say “we” I mean Alan who did a huge amount of research and talked to lots of possible suppliers and worked out all the things that needed to be considered and I listened occasionally). Then our server, which is over 4 years old, decided to become less reliable and it was time for a decision. So we chose to go hosted.

Actually, when I think about it, much of our lives are already out there on the internet. I’ve banked personally with First Direct for over 20 years, we use Clydesdale on-line banking at work (it’s rubbish by the way) and increasingly use webinars for technical updates.  We heartily endorse Xero on-line accounting software which is being used by an increasing number of clients and, being a team of mainly ladies, we are not adverse to a bit of on-line retail therapy.

There was also the attraction of accessing everything remotely whether from home or out and about.

Is it 100% secure. No, nothing is. But the reality is it’s a lot more secure than our server which we were quite comfortable with. Although I say it’s in the cloud, Alan tells me it is actually stored in a nuclear bunker and then backed up in another one.

So far it’s gone well. There have been the inevitable snagging issues which Alan has been working through (none of the rest of the team claim to know anything about computers – maybe it’s because he’s the only guy?). But gradually everything is working normally.

And if the building burns down, or Witney floods again, as in 2007, (which seems quite likely looking out the window today) that’s our disaster recovery plan sorted.

If you are thinking about hosted why not call Alan for advice?


PS My first computer was a BBC B – 1985 I think – with a memory capacity of 16kb! What was yours?