Finance Act 2010

The Government published the latest Finance Bill on Thursday 1st April. A week later on Thursday 8th April it had been rubberstamped through parliament, signed by the Queen and has become law. With bank holidays and weekends that gave three working days. Three days when most of parliament was on holiday or campaigning for the election.

OK the Tories made them kick out a few controversial clauses:

* Extra duty on cider

* The new rules on furnished holiday letting

* the 50p duty on landlines to pay towards faster internet

But most of it remains.

The new act has 70 Sections and 20 Schedules. I doubt if more than a handful of people have read it. No professionals have had an opportunity to comment on drafting errors or anomolies.

All seems a bit Alice in Wonderland to me. Except its not a film. It’s our country and we have to live with the laws they pass.