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Do we underestimate older people?


At a time when we are thinking about how we offer our services particularly to our older clients there is a danger that in thinking so hard about their limitations that we forget that many have an amazing tenacity on life.

I was watching the news of the Queen in Ireland this week with the energy of people half her age – she’d learnt some Irish specially for the trip. Wow! We have this impresssion that when you get old you will struggle to remember what you had for breakfast let alone learn a new language and be confident enough to repeat it in public on a critical political occasion!

It reminded me of a friend’s mother who is 90 this year and who is off on holiday to Norway later this month. She has some health isues with a leg wound which isn’t healing very well. Her daughter’s main concern was what would happen if her mother had health problems in Norway on her own without friends or family. Her main concern was whether she’d get full value on the excursions she’d pre-booked!

old person

I appreciate that not everyone is like that, many older people have some issues with physical or mental health and some suffer from dementia, but it seems to me that at the same time as making sure we can use bigger print or make our offices easy to visit we should not dumb down our expectations of those over 75. They are an amazing generation.

What do you think?  – tell me about amazing people you know