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Becoming a team player


The more perceptive of you might notice a four month gap since my last blog where I was previously blogging regularly.  Have I been away, ill or lost interest? The truth is more prosaic. I have been over busy.

Those of you who also run businesses will recognise the symptoms. A growing business. Lots of interesting new clients to advise as well as continuing commitments to existing clients. Plenty of internal issues to be sorted as well. Like many I simply spun the hamster wheel faster hoping to get through it but however hard the wheel spun somehow I never caught up.

The fundamental truth us that it is a structural issue not a temporary one. I now have too many responsibilities to manage them all effectively.

However, when light finally dawned ( yes, OK, I recognise it was a bit slow for someone who advises on business strategy!)  I also realised that the answer was staring me in the face. Over the last few years we have recruited an amazing team of talented individuals with excellent technical skills, bags of experience and great personalities.  They are a great team – it was me that was not being a great team player – too often running with the ball instead of passing it.

Last month we had a team away day at A Day in The Country (excellent venue ; cannot recommend it highly enough  http://www.adayinthecountry.co.uk/ ) and we spent time thinking about being a team and working more effectively together.

One of the results to come out of that day is a conscious decision on my part to make better use of our team. I know that Morgan Cameron can deliver excellent services to clients without my detailed involvement in the tiny details of every client. I need to let them achieve their potential and concentrate on delivering the best services where my skills are most useful and to find space for growth and development as we move forward.

This doesn’t mean that I’m becoming unapproachable! I’m always around and still passionately interested in all my clients and what they are doing whether we simply take care of their annual tax return or provide lots of services for their business .The reality is the team are simply stepping up to front many of the more routine things they have been doing behind the scenes for years.

Maybe I’ll even get time to blog to let you know how it’s going!