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Bad service is never forgotten

We get mailshots from marketing companies who offer to produce materials for firms of accountants on Budget day and the like. Actually we don’t buy any of them because if clients want generic advice they can look at our website or others, like the BBC, or buy a quality newspaper.  However, there’s one company which has been consistently mailing us for 20 years who I will never use. On principle. The mailshot goes straight in the bin without a second glance.

Why? Well, 20 years ago we did use them and something went wrong and I vowed never to use them again. The thing is, after all this time I can’t even remember what went wrong. I just know it was a bad customer service experience.

Which got me thinking how important that client service experience is. Thankfully we lose very few clients to other accountants (except the really successfully ones who grow stratospherically, get bought out and then unwillingly have to swap to a Big 4 firm).

But if we do fall down on service and don’t fix it to the client’s satisfaction then we’ve probably lost our good name with them forever. A sobering thought.

On the other hand, good service definitely leads to client loyalty and recommendations to new clients.

I know which sort of service I’d like us to achieve in 2012.