At Chewton Glen with James Martin…

Yesterday I was invited by the James Cowper Insolvency team to a James Martin cookery demonstration followed by lunch at the 5* Chewton Glen Hotel in the New Forest.

We had front row seats and the whole day was great fun.

James demonstrated four dishes in an hour which goes to prove it’s not difficult so long as you have a lovely assistant who preps and clears up for you!


This was the strawberry gateau he made in no time complete with sugar work on top!

I have to say

a. I was shocked my husband had never previously heard of James Martin ( he has now!)

b. It was heaps better than a golf day or football

c. Chewton Glen may be very classy but is £4 really the going rate for a small latte ( OK pretty cups and little biscuits but still not much coffee!)

d. You would think their speed bumps would be lower considering James Martin’s lambourgini is probably not the only flash car to travel there

e. I never knew you could cook beef tenderloin in clingfilm!