All I want for Christmas is….


Dear Santa

I know its a bit late and definitely past the last posting date but I think I have been good this year, at least I know I’ve worked hard (if that helps). Please, if you are contemplating squeezing down the chimney at Wittas House can you bring me:

1. more clients who send me information when I ask for it, pay their bills on time and have a great sense of humour ( to be honest the sense of humour is most important – then paying up on time…)

2. A postal service that can deliver post 500 yards from the sorting office by 9.30am in the morning

3. A brand new HMRC where the staff understand tax and deliver a great service

4. Less forms to fill in so I can spend more time actually doing the work not confirming I’ve done it

5. A coffee machine like the one that the Juice boys have (

6. Lots of interesting tax problems

7. A team of staff refreshed from their Christmas/New week break enthusiastic and ready for the challenge of January’s huge work load

Thank you ( in anticipation)