We’ve picked our team with you in mind!

Despite being accountants, we’re all quite normal really. Which means that first of all we’re friendly human beings, not boring, unapproachable, overbearing…(insert your own adjective)…, unintelligible “suits”.

Although our offices are in Witney, Oxfordshire, we have business clients throughout London and the Thames Valley, as well as private tax clients all over the world.

We’ve picked our team with you in mind. In other words, there’s not just an emphasis on expertise (although that’s an essential ingredient), but also on personality, passion for service and integrity: qualities that define our team. And we’re good at listening and explaining things to you, too – without lapsing into ‘accountant-speak’!

If that sounds like the sort of people you like to work with, please get in touch today, and let’s have a chat about how we can help you.

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