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A Coalition Government?


Whilst the politicians try to work out who to do deals with, the rest of us get on with life. Indeed Gordon Brown has returned to Number 10 and continues to run the country as a caretaker government.

One which only does essential housekeeping.

The idea of a government which passes hardly any new laws – just really essential ones in the national interest – seems very attractive. Belgium survived in a similar state for a year. The country did not fall apart. Taxes were collected. Bins were collected.

Just think of it.

Schools could have a whole year with no new pronouncements from the ‘department of whatever they call education these days’.

Small businesses would not need updates on new tax laws, health and safety laws, new employment laws.

There would be no new quangos, no new reports, no enquiries.

People could just get on with life

Somehow it’s quite attractive – even as a tax professional I’d vote with both hands for a moratorium on any tax changes for 12 months.

Can’t see the politicians considering it.

After all, what would they do all day?