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107 letters from the Revenue on the same day!

107 letter from HMRC

A week ago Richard, an electrician from Oxfordshire gave up his self employment and got a PAYE job. His tax affairs had always been simple. He had been self-employed for years as a subcontractor in the building industry and had nobody working for him. He paid his tax regularly under self assessment.

He called the Revenue to tell them. After a 40 minute wait to get through he finally spoke to someone who helpfully told him about how to get the right PAYE code for his new job.

A couple of days later the postman struggled to deliver 107 letters from the Revenue all in separate envelopes.

They now think he owes hundreds of penalties for not completing contractor CIS returns.

But he never was a contractor!

I expect it will get sorted out eventually .

But which button did someone at the Revenue press in error to issue all these demands?

And why?

And why is there no compensation for the worry and shock of receiving all these incorrect letters?